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On November 2, Lama Tsering will grant the Red Tara empowerment.


What is an empowerment?

Empowerment is a ceremony in which the master authorizes the student to engage in Vajrayana meditation, passing on the blessings of the lineage of a particular practice.

It is said that receiving empowerment from a realized lama plants the seeds for enlightenment in our minds, creating the causes for us to reveal our true nature.

This event is in-person only.

  Read the information below carefully to take part  

8am - 9:15am - Check-in

9:30 a.m. - Red Tara empowerment

This event is in person only and will not be broadcast.

  • This event is in person only and will not be broadcast.
  • There will be consecutive translation from English to Portuguese.

Register to take part. The offering is R$85.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]

Registration closes November, 1st at noon.

The offering to take part in the empowerment is R$85.

You can make it when you register.

We don't offer meals for those attending the empowerment only.

We do not offer accommodation for those attending the empowerment only.

- Water
- Comfortable clothing
- Pillow - if there's one you like better

- Smoking is not allowed inside or outside the Temple

- Do not lie down in the practice and teaching area

- It is traditional, in the presence of Rinpoches and Lamas, to wait standing until they sit down. Then we make three prostrations as a sign of respect.

- Don't point your feet at statues, lamas or sacred objects

- Don't walk over sacred texts, practice objects or benches

- Do not place texts directly on the floor

- Sacred texts are only loaned for use during meditation practices and should not be taken home or copied without the temple's permission.

- If you find an object that doesn't belong to you, please hand it in to one of our volunteers on site.

(After 90 (ninety) days, ownerless objects will be donated)

Check out the different ways to get to the Temple here.

We have limited spaces in our parking lot. We suggest that participants share the same vehicle.

Reservations are made when you register for the initiation. We will confirm your reservation by e-mail.



09:30 - 12:00
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