How do I register on the site?


To register at Chagdud Gonpa Odsal Ling's site you should go → to this page  and enter the necessary details. Choose your username and password carefully, as you will always need them for making offerings and registering for events.


How do I register for events?

To register for the events, follow the four steps below:



Registration on the site

Register on our site. When you register, choose your username and password carefully, as you will need them in the second step. If you are already registered, go to the next step.


Choosing the event

Choose the event you wish to participate in and click on registration. Enter your username and password and fill out the fields that appear on the screen until registration is complete.



After finishing the registration, you will receive an automatic e-mail notifying you that it has been completed. If you don't receive it, check your spam folder, and if you still can't find it, please contact [email protected]



Wait for an email with instructions on how to access the event on the Odsal Ling Online Campus Platform. This email is usually sent one week to two days before the start of the event.

How do the online teachings and retreats work?


On the description and announcement page of each event, there will be details about how it works, so you should read them carefully. Below are some general items about how the retreats work:

1. Will it be recorded or live?

Please note the description carefully as some retreats are broadcast live, but their recordings are available up to a later date after the end of the retreat, so those who have commitments during the live broadcast dates can still participate. Just pay attention to the deadline date when the retreat material will be available. Other retreats, especially practice retreats, are only live, and the recording is not available on the platform.

2. Registration

When the recording of the retreat remains available, registration is open even after the retreat has started, and all participants will have access to all the recordings.

3. Availability

Every event has an availability period, so it is important that you keep an eye on the dates and organize yourself to view all the materials before the event goes live on the platform.

4. Materials on the platform

In addition to the live and recorded video teachings, other materials may be made available on the platform, such as forms for sending questions, texts, and extra videos or audios. Stay tuned so you don't miss anything!
Using the platform: You can access a tutorial here that explains how to access the platform and explains its main features.