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Lama Tsering invited the practitioners to come together and, with the amplified power of collective effort, jointly evoke Guru Rinpoche's immense blessings.

Gathered together, the Sangha reached over 100,000 prayer accumulations. Practitioners from: São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Paraná, Recife, Bahia, Paraíba, Rio Grande do Sul, Pará and California.

Now, Lama Tsering is inviting us again to accumulate the prayer until the beginning of the Drupchen of The Essence of Sidi, on June 8th, this time without counting the accumulations.

The accumulation can be done outside of puja time, as long as it is in the context of a practice that contains the 7-line prayer and that the student has been authorized to do, such as: Ngondro, Shower of Blessings, Essence of Continuous Yoga, Rigdzin Dupa or other.

Everyone can take part, including those who have not yet received any initiation. In this case, the practice must be done in the context of the Shower of Blessings sadhana.

See below for full details of the accumulation.

If you still have any questions, write to: [email protected]

1) How should I do the accumulation?

This accumulation should be done in the context of any practice that contains the 7-line Prayer, such as Ngondro, Essence of Continuous Yoga, Shower of Blessings, Rigdzin Dupa or other.

It can be done during morning puja, which you can follow in person or by zoom, or at any time you can.

It's important that you maintain your concentration at the time of the practice, leaving worldly concerns behind. It's best not to talk during the session and to leave your cell phone switched off.

Counting the accumulation is the responsibility of each practitioner. Therefore, we suggest that, at the end of each session, you write down the numbers so that you can be sure of the counts.

2) Is there a deadline for these accumulations to end?

The accumulation will take place until the start of Drupchen of the Essence of Sidi on June 8th.

3) Can I do more than one accumulation session a day?


You can do one or more sessions during the day, within any practice that contains the 7-line Prayer.

4) Can I accumulate using only one practice?

Yes, you can do all the accumulations within a single practice, such as Rain of Blessings, for example.

Or you can accumulate some with one practice and then some with another.

The important thing is that the practices you choose to do to count the accumulation contain the 7-line Prayer and that you have authorization to do them.

5) If I can't take part in the morning puja, can I still take part?

Yes, you can do the practice on your own at home, or wherever you can, and at the time that works best for you.

6) I don't have empowerment, can I accumulate?


Without empowerment, you can accumulate using the Shower of Blessings sadhana.

7) How do I participate?

To take part, it's simple.

Just do your accumulation at the time that works best for you, whether it's during morning puja or at another time of the day.

As always, please establish your pure motivation at the beginning and during the practice, remembering that all beings near and far are included, and try your best to concentrate on the visualization, keeping your vision pure, and dedicate all merit at the end of each session

If you have any questions, write to: [email protected]


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