Built in a lovely semirural area in Cotia, Odsal Ling Temple is a authentic example of Tibetan architecture, integrated with modern elements.

The official residence of Lama Tsering and Lama Norbu, the Temple is Odsal Ling’s main practice center, offering teachings, retreats and elaborate ceremonies in accordance with Vajrayana Buddhism.

While the activities at the Temple are meant for Buddhist practitioners, beginners are always welcome.

Stupa of  H.E. Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche

A stupa is a repository of sacred relics, offerings, mantras and many other items that generate an enormous number of blessings. The shape of the stupa is symbolic of the various levels on the path to enlightenment, for this reason, simply by looking at it we receive the seeds of liberation in our hearts.

Our red stupa, in particular, contains the relics of our revered teacher, H.E. Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche. Many of the members of the sangha worked diligently at every step of its construction – from the accumulation of mantras to the preparation of the offerings for its consecration.

Working on the stupa was a regenerating process for all of us. Whatever we needed to complete a task simply manifested itself, in a miraculous way. We constantly felt like we were seeking the Rinpoche’s affectionate approval. Even those who were unable to help us, just by being in the same room as the stupa, could already feel the power of Rinpoche’s enlightened intentions.

Practical Informations


"Refúgio" (The Refuge), as the plot of land where the Temple is located has been affectionately named, is located in Cotia, in the suburbs, approximately 30 km from São Paulo.
How to get there

Travel documents

Most foreign visitors will need a visa and passport in order to enter Brazil. Further information is available at the Brazilian Embassy or Consulate in your country.


The climate in the region is generally comfortable, with an average temperature of approximately 20ºC. In the summer, during the months of December through March, the temperature can exceed 30ºC. In the winter, from July to September, the temperature can drop to 10ºC.


Be prepared for sun and rain. We also request that students use traditional ceremonial dress (chuba and zen) during practice sessions and ceremonies. You may purchase these items in our store.


Accommodation is available on the Temple grounds, subject to availability ( [email protected] ).


In general, the meals served comprise common Brazilian dishes like, rice, salad, beans, meat, vegetables and casseroles – always with at least one vegetarian option.

Regular practices

Red Tara, Vajrakilaya, Dharma Protectors, Lion-Faced Dakini and Chöd Feast practices are held daily. You should bring your own practice materials. We also recommend that you bring your own cushion.

Practice items

Bring your bell, dorje, damaru and Chöd drum. During Red Tara practice, we use mandala pans for offerings.

Mandala Store

The Mandala works in the Odsal Ling Temple and offers practical items, books, vestments and religious art objects.

You can do your shopping in person - Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 16pm - or at our online store:


We do not provide transportation, but we can help you with phone numbers for taxi service and directions on how to get here. Please contact us in advance at: [email protected]

Additional activities

The cost of an additional activities at Odsal Ling (empowerments and certain teachings) are not included in the cost of accommodation.


More than 300 books cataloged in different categories of Buddhism. For members and practitioners. Consult a staff member.


Like all Chagdud Gonpa centers throughout the world, smoking is strictly prohibited.


We kindly request that you do not bring your pet to Odsal Ling.

Khadro Ling

Khadro Ling is the main center of Chagdud Gonpa Brasil. It is located in Três Coroas, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. Departing from São Paulo, the flight to Porto Alegre takes approximately 90 minutes. From there, it is approximately 2 hours to Três Coroas by bus. The trip from São Paulo to Porto Alegre by bus is approximately 18 hours. If you plan to visit Khadro Ling, we can provide you with more detailed information. You can also consult Khadro Ling's website.