How to get to the Temple

The Temple is located in Cotia, 30 km from the city of São Paulo and 75 km from the International Airport.

We can help you arrange for the taxi service, which will be paid directly to the driver. Please email us at [email protected] with your flight details (day, time, company, flight number and flight origin) and we will respond with a confirmation email.


R. dos Agrimensores, 1461 – Chácara Ondas Verdes – Cotia – SP Telephone: +55 (11) 4703-4099

By car

• Take Raposo Tavares highway from São Paulo

• Shortly after the 25 km road marker, take the exit “Embu - Cemitério Israelita Jd. Da Glória-Retorno”

• The exit will lead you over the Raposo Tavares, keep left toward Embu (DO NOT follow the signs for Jardim da Glória-Retorno)

• You will see the Assai supermarket on your right, after the large speed bump, turn right up the steep hill.

• At the top of the hill, turn left and keep left on Estrada do Capuava. Note your odometer, you will need to turn in approximately 3 km from this point.

• After 3 km, turn right onto the dirt road in front of the Centro Hípico de Cotia

• Shortly after making the turn, you will veer left up a hill. Immediately on your right is the entrance to the temple.

• Stop at the gate and ring the intercom.

By taxi

Táxi in Cotia:
Damião - tel (11) 99999-1722 e 4702-6595
Anderson - tel (11) 99727-2819
Donizeti – tel (11) 99938-7876 e 4702-5997
Wagner - tel (11) 97717-6899 e 9823-5809

Táxi from SP:
Júnior - tel. (11) 98181-2004
Bill - tel. (11) 98084-1414
Raul - tel. (11) 99205-5291/ 3887-3801
Jailson - tel. (11) 98272-0214 (

By van

Armando e Paulo
Tel (11) 3733-1199 e (11) 97838-4507

By bus/metro

If you choose to go by bus from São Paulo, you will need to take a taxi when you arrive in Cotia. You should schedule it in advance, as you will not be able to hail a taxi from the shopping center where you will disembark the bus.

Bus line: Barra Funda – Cotia (Bus Company: Viação Vida Azul).
Leaves from: metro station Barra Funda.
Frequency: every 20 minutes.

Last bus: 9h10 p.m (SP-Cotia) e 10h50 p.m. (Cotia-SP)

Stop: Shopping center at 24 km marker, from there you will need to take a taxiáxi para o Templo

Weekend schedule at the Temple

  • Saturdays, 8am: Red Tara practice
  • Sundays, 8am: Red Tara practice (concise, in portuguese)
  • Sundays, 10am: Tonglen practice (sending and receive)
  • Saturdays, 18h: Vajrakilaia and Protectores (requires empowerment)
  • Sundays, 16h: Vajrakilaia and Protectores (requires empowerment)

Visitation: Saturdays and Sundays, from 11am to 4pm
(except during retreat periods - please call in advance: +55 (11) 4703-4099)

* If you want to have lunch at the Temple on Sunday (12:30 to 1:30), book in advance at (11) 4703-4099 / 4148-5826 **For group visits, contact [email protected]