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Red Tara Drubchö with 100,000 Tsogs

With the intention of continuing Chagdud Rinpoche's vast aspirations to benefit all beings, we invite you to participate in person in the Red Tara Drubchöd with an offering of 100,000 Tsogs, which will take place between October 8 and 12 at Odsal Ling Temple.

To take part in the Drubchöd is necessary to have received the Red Tara empowerment.

October 8th
9am (UTC-3) | Red Tara Initiation

12pm (UTC-3) | Lunch

3:00pm (UTC-3) | Continuation of the Red Tara Empowerment


October 9th
9am - 12pm (UTC-3) | First tun | Red Tara Practice

12pm - 2:30pm (UTC-3) | Lunch

2:30pm - 4:30pm (UTC-3) | Second tun | Red Tara Practice

5pm (UTC-3) | Third tun | Red Tara Practice


October 10th and 11th
4:00pm - 5:30pm (UTC-3) |Red Tara practice

5:30pm - 6:30pm (UTC-3) | Break / Dinner

6:30pm (UTC-3) | Tsog - accumulation


October 9th
9am - 12pm (UTC-3) | First tun | Red Tara practice

12pm - 2:30pm (UTC-3) | Lunch

2:30pm - 4:30pm (UTC-3) | Second Tun | Red Tara Practice

5pm (UTC-3) | Third tun | Red Tara Practice


The schedule may change.

In addition to in person participation, the Drubchöd will be broadcasted on the Odsal Ling Online Campus Platform. For those who wish to participate online, it is necessary to fill out the registration form (below).

More information coming soon.

You can make Tsog and Butterlamp offerings in advance for the days of the Red Tara Drubchöd. You just need to specify for which date you would like to make your offering.

> Butterlamp Offering
> Tsog Offering

Due to the protocols against Covid-19, Odsal Ling is not offering accommodation and meals at present.

Accommodation: if you would like to receive recommendations in the area, please contact [email protected]

Meals: Drubchöd participants may bring food for their meals (no food or meals can be stored, so if you choose to bring food from home, please take care to store it)

We will also recommend nearby places where you can have your meals.

You can participate in the Drubchöd:
- In-person
- Online (except for the Tara Empowerment, which is only in person)
- Some days in person and some days online.

It is also possible to participate in the whole event, or just some days.

Tara empowerment (in-person only): BRL 85
On-line participation in the practices: free offering
Participation in the practices in person: BRL 146 per day of participation (without meals and accommodation)

You should only fill in the registration form once for the whole event.

Note that each date of the event has different options:
- Online participation (with different offering options)
- In-person participation
- No participation

You must choose one of the options on each event date to finalize your registration.

To participate in the practice days, either in person or online, it is necessary to have received the Red Tara empowerment beforehand, or to receive it in person on October 8.

Registration closed on October 7 at noon (UTC-3).


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