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Vajrakilaya retreat

 In preparation for Losar, the Tibetan New Year, we will hold a retreat from February 6th to 8th, with an emphasis on practicing Vajrakilaya with tsog every day.

The practice of Vajrakilaia helps us remove the obstacles of the past year, paving the way for the new year. It is also known for its power to remove obscurations and hindrances to self-liberation, and to enhance qualities that benefit others, through angry compassion. It is a remedy considered against negative forces, defeating internal emotional poisons.

There is no prerequisite to participate. If you do not have Vajrakilaya empowerment, you can come to the Temple and do your personal practice.

Registration is only necessary for those who wish to stay. It is possible to stay at the Temple between the 6th and 10th, for one or more days within this period. Registration with accommodation closes on the 4th, at noon.

To participate in one or more tsogs you must confirm your presence .

Lama Tsering will consecrate phurbas on the first day of the retreat.

On the 9th, the eve of Losar, we will carry out a major cleaning and organization in different areas of the Temple, with participation open to everyone. See the table below on how to participate.

Attendance only in person.

If you have any questions, please send an email to:[email protected]


Feb 6

Consecration of phurbas


Feb 6, 7 and 8

Vajrakilaya practice and tsog


Feb 9

Cleaning and general organization of the Temple

Feb 6

Consecration of phurbas by Lama Tsering


Feb 6, 7 and 8

6am: morning puja

9 am to 12 pm: Vajrakilaya practice session

2pm to 4:30pm: Vajrakilaya practice session

5pm to 7pm: Vajrakilaya tsog with evening puja


Feb 9

9 am - 5 pm: General cleaning of the Temple, inside and out

Participation open to all.

Attendance must be confirmed. See how to confirm in the table below.

Lama Tsering will consecrate phurbas on the first day of the retreat.

They must be delivered already identified to the Temple door by 8am on the 6th, without exception.

Attention: the purbas will only be returned at the end of the retreat, on the 8th.

Please do not deliver your purbas in bags or any other packaging. Take care to identify it properly, so that the identification is not lost from the piece. We cannot be held responsible for any loss

Phurbas of all sizes and materials will be received.

Offerings for the Vajrakilaya tsog must be made by 3pm on the eve of the tsog, via the website.

For example: the offering for the tsog on the 6th must be made by 3pm on the 5th.

When making your offering, state that it is for the tsog of Vajrakilaya and which day it should be directed to.

Partial or full retreat with accommodation: the Temple will provide all meals.

The Temple has a food truck serving pizza slices, quiche, cheese bread, sweets, hot and cold drinks and popsicles. There are vegan options.

You can also bring your own meals. We have a pantry with a microwave oven, fridge and sink.

The Temple will only offer meals to those who are staying.
It is possible to stay for one or more days from February 6 to 10.

This is a practice retreat, no teachings are planned. However, any comments by Lama Tsering will be made in English and translated into Portuguese.

It is not necessary to reserve a parking space, but as our parking is limited, we strongly suggest that participants share rides.



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