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On Saturday (11/04) we celebrated Lhabab Düchen, the date that marks Buddha's return to the human realm after three months in the realm of the gods. With the intention of repaying his mother Maya's generosity and freeing her from samsara, Buddha ascended to the Heaven of the Thirty-Three (Trayastrimsha) - the realm in which Maya had been reborn - and gave teachings to her and various other local beings and gods.

This date is part of the four sacred periods that mark splendid moments in Buddha's life. It is an auspicious day for generating merit and bringing benefit to all beings, as it is said that in these periods positive and negative actions are accumulated millions of times.

It is beneficial to strive to accumulate virtue and renounce non-virtuous attitudes, to make offerings, meditation practices and even vows that remind you of your commitments. By making such efforts with the right motivation, immeasurable merit is generated!


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