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Chagdud Rinpoche’s Birthday

Join us for this celebration and tribute!

On Saturday, August 12, Odsal Ling will hold a special program to celebrate Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche's birthday.

On this special day, Lama Tsering will bestow the Red Tara empowerment and we will perform a Red Tara Tsog, khatag and butter lamp offerings and life release.

On this day Rinpoche would have turned 93, and his presence in this world has touched us deeply, transforming our lives and the lives of all those who connect with him. Through his boundless compassion, we can experience the power of his blessings, love, and aspirations to this day, and this is something to be celebrated!

We look forward to seeing you!

6 am (UTC-3) | All pujas

10 am (UTC-3) | Red Tara Empowerment (registration required)

2 pm (UTC-3) | Life Release

3 pm (UTC-3) | Khatag Offering at the Stupa

4 pm (UTC-3) | Red Tara Tsog

If you would like to make an offering, please click on the name of the offering below:

🐟 Life saving

🕯️ Butterlamp offering

🥗 Tsog offering

Registration is required to take part in the Red Tara Empowerment.

Please confirm your presence at Tsog to improve the organization of the event.

More information can be found below.

6 am (UTC-3) | All pujas

10 am (UTC-3) | Red Tara Empowerment (registration required)

2 pm (UTC-3) | Life Release

3 pm (UTC-3) | Khatag Offering at the Stupa

4 pm (UTC-3) | Red Tara Tsog

To take part in the Red Tara empowerment, it is necessary to register via the website. Find out more here.

There is no need to register for the other events (pujas, life release, khatag offering and tsog).

However, in order to better organize the event, we ask that those who intend to attend the Tsog in person please confirm their attendance by sending a message to [email protected].

🖥️ Online participation

You can watch the Saving Lives practice and Tsog online:

Life Release: protectoroflivesbr.org/en

Tsog:  bit.ly/396Y4Rs 

Registration is required to take part in the Red Tara Empowerment.

The offering amount is R$85

Find out more about the empowerment by clicking here.

You can make an offering for the Tsog here: odsalling.org/en/offering/

Please specify that it is for the Tsog on August 12.

Saving Lives is a practice in which we rescue animals that would otehrwise be used for sacrifice, slaughter, or any other activity that would take their lives, and release them back into their natural environment. The ceremonies include the recitation of prayers and mantras, and conclude with dedications.

Because it is considered supreme among longevity practices, it is commonly dedicated to beings who have faced obstacles to their longevity, such as risk of death or serious health problems. It can also be directed to beings whose lives have profound value to you.

We pray that the animals themselves, after escaping suffering, will find rebirth in the form of human beings with spiritual connection.

Offerings can be made from July 22 to until August 11 at 6pm.

The offering for Chagdud Rinpoche's birthday should be made exclusively by this form: forms.gle/gLvu4AKzvtuvYQgRA

Visit the Protector of Lives BR site by clicking here!

Questions: [email protected]

We have limited parking spaces inside the Temple.

We suggest that participants share the same vehicle.

Reservations for vacancies are made at the time of registration for the empowerment and upon confirmation of attendance at the Tsog.

We will confirm your reservation by email.

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