A Three Meter Bronze Guru Rinpoche

Many interdependent auspicious conditions have come together to create the possibility for this unique statue to manifest.

The original idea came from a student in Curitiba who wanted to sponsor the artwork for a Guru Rinpoche statue. Working under the direction of Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche, the wax mold of Guru Rinpoche was sculpted in the beautiful Gandharan style of early Buddhist India. The features come from a time when there was a Grecian influence on Indian artwork, a time when Guru Rinpoche roamed Northern India, before going to Tibet.

The original intention was to create a statue for Curitiba, but the molds were generously offered to Lama Tsering in order that a statue could also be made at Odsal Ling. The timing of the statue turned out to be quite appropriate, since it is during the fire monkey year, the year of Guru Rinpoche. Also, the site where the statue will be placed is on land previously donated by students, a forested land located exactly west of the temple. The base for the throne is already under construction and we hope to face it with unelaborated stone, to match the style of the statue. The statue itself is being cast in many pieces and welded together at a foundry near the temple, to be transported in one piece and placed on the lotus throne later this year.

Now We All Need To Help

While the statue is being assembled and the lotus throne is being built, we can all participate in many ways 

Chagdud Rinpoche created so many fields for merit in his lifetime, all with the purpose of creating opportunities for students to increase the supportive conditions for authentic spiritual progress. Lama Tsering has continued that honored tradition at Odsal Ling and she encourages all her students to not miss out on this great wave of merit.

May all beings benefit!

Preparing the Mantras

Many thousands of pages of mantras have already been printed and we are in the process of preparing them to go inside the statue. It will take many more months of work to glue all the pages end to end, and roll and seal them.

Site Preparation

There is a lot to be done to prepare the land to receive the statue, building pathways and stairs, cultivating existing trees, designing and installing new landscaping, and supporting the construction of the platform and throne.

Financial Support

The project has already received many generous contributions but many expenses remain to be covered. Help with fundraising or direct contributions will be greatly appreciated. We will do the project in phases, but we can only complete the phases that are funded. As the estimates move past the preliminary phase we will publish them here, as well as the current funding.

To learn more about how to help, write to [email protected]
To contribute financially, write to [email protected] - any amount is welcome.