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November 17th, marks Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche's Parinirvana and Odsal Ling will have a special program in respect and devotion to our perfect teacher. We will light butter lamps, we will save lives, there will be Red Tara practice and Red Tara Tsog.

Chagdud Rinpoche, a master of great kindness and compassion, dedicated his life to teaching the Dharma to everyone who could benefit from it.  Thanks to his unlimited vision, today we are able to receive teachings from qualified teachers who diligently lead us on the path to enlightenment.

May the blessings of Rinpoche's magnificent aspirations continue to flourish, and his loving and compassionate mind continue to benefit all beings. And may we, as Sangha, continue together to pay homage to our precious Guru.

"With the physical liberation of death comes the most wonderful opportunity to achieve all that we have been preparing for, in our practice and in our life. Even in the case of a supreme master who has reached the highest realization, the final liberation, called parinirvana, comes only at death. That's why in the Tibetan tradition we don't celebrate the birthday of the masters, we celebrate their death, their moment of final enlightenment."

Sogyal Rinpoche


6am | Morning Puja
9am - 12pm | Red Tara practice
12h30 pm | Saving lives practice
2.30pm - 4pm | Red Tara practice
4.30pm - 6pm | Evening puja
7pm | Red Tara Tsog
All day | Butter lamps offering

The practices can be followed at this link:
📿 bit.ly/3DlQC4h

Offer Tsog
Offer butter lamps


Life release is a practice where we rescue animals that would be used for sacrifice, slaughter or any other activity that would otherwise end their lives, and then free them into their natural environment. The ceremonies include the recitation of prayers and mantras, and conclude with dedication. 

Because it is considered supreme among longevity practices, it is commonly dedicated to beings who have faced obstacles to their longevity, such as risk of death or serious health problems. It can also be directed to beings whose lives have profound value to you. 

We also pray that the animals themselves, after escaping suffering, may find rebirth in the form of human beings with spiritual connection.

Offerings can be made until November 16 at 6 pm (UTC-3), as follows:

  1. Make a deposit of the value of your offering in the account on the right.
  2. Send the proof of deposit and your dedication (to be read during the ceremony) using the form on the right.
  3. Await confirmation of your offering by email.

This ceremony is not planned to be broadcasted online.

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Questions: [email protected]

Bank details for deposit:

Banco do Brasil
Branch: 6835-7
Current account: 19265-1
Name: Sandro Lombardo
CNPJ: 41.232.131/0001-81

Paypal: [email protected]

Form: https://bit.ly/3TvJpCZ


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