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The Jetsun prayer performed in the concise Tara practice is extremely powerful and it is one of the greatest gifts Chagdud Rinpoche gave to us.
As a result of Rinpoche’s devotion and profound connection to red Tara, she appeared to him saying “have them do this”, and gave him the Jetsun prayer.

Over the next few days, we are inviting the Sangha to accumulate a million Jetsun recitations together, carrying in their hearts the aspiration that all of the obstacles and suffering that beings experience may be removed, that the most auspicious causes and conditions may be gathered, and that all beings may experience temporary and definitive happiness, which is ultimate enlightenment.

To take part, please send your daily (or weekly) accumulations to the email: [email protected]

May the merit generated by the Sangha united with the same purpose expand in all directions!

How do I take part in the Jetsun accumulation?

All those who feel a connection with this practice can take part, it is not necessary to have received the Tara empowerment.

The accumulation is only for the "Jetsun" prayer, not the Tara mantra, and this needs to be done within the context of the concise Red Tara practice.

Those who wish to take part in the accumulation and are unsure how to do so should watch the two teachings given by Lama Tsering on Tara practice, which are available on our YouTube channel. For those who want to do the accumulation in a guided form, the practice is also on our channel.

If you wish to acquire the concise Tara sadhana (text), please write to:  [email protected]



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