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Ngondro Retreat

In January, Lama Tsering will give teachings on Ngöndro, the preliminary practices of Vajrayana Buddhism.

It is said that learning the Ngöndro is akin to learning the alphabet, for although these practices are called "preliminary" they are never abandoned by the practitioner, and are applied throughout the spiritual path, all the way to enlightenment.

This method, if diligently applied, purifies obscurations and negative karma, creating conditions for the practitioner to receive higher teachings - such as those of the Great Perfection. For this reason, this retreat is recommended to all those who wish to commit and dedicate themselves intensely to the spiritual path.

Planned Program

Guru Rinpoche's initiation
January 8

January 6-7
January 9-15
January 20-22
January 27-29

(themes in the table below)

Anticipated schedule (may change)

January 6-7
The four thoughts that transform the mind

January 8 at 14h30
Guru Rinpoche Empowerment

The teachings below can only be attended by those who have Guru Rinpoche's initiation.

January 9-15
Refuge, Bodhichitta, prostrations and mandala offering

January 20-22

January 27-29
Guru Yoga

  Scheduled Times

          Monday to Friday: starting at 7 pm (UTC-3)
          Saturday and Sunday: from 9am to 5pm (UTC-3)
          Guru Rinpoche Empowerment (Jan 8th): starting at 2:30pm (UTC-3)

The teachings will be given in English and translated into Portuguese.

On some days the translation will be consecutive and performed by an in-person translator, and on other days it will be simultaneous and performed by Zoom. On simultaneous days, face-to-face participants who wish to listen to the translation need to bring equipment with internet access, a Zoom application installed, and headphones.

Use of masks
Mandatory in all collective areas of the Temple.
Please arrange to wear one of the following types of masks every day during your stay:

    • 3-layer surgical mask (do not exceed 6 hours of use).
    • PFF2/N95 mask preferred.

COVID-19 Self-test
Do the self-test before you leave home and two days after you begin the retreat here at the Temple.

Please remain up to date with the doses recommended by the Ministry of Health

If you are doing the Ngöndro retreat for the first time, you must participate in all the teachings and, if you have not yet received the Guru Rinpoche empowerment, you must receive it on January 8 in person.

If you have already done the Ngöndro retreat before, you can participate in the retreat partially.

There are three ways to take part in this event:
1. In-person with accommodation
2. In-person without accommodation
3. Online

As the retreat will take place at several periods throughout January, it is possible to alternate between these three forms of participation in each of the periods. This shall be at the participant's discretion and the availability of accommodation at Odsal Ling Temple.

Given the complexity of this type of registration, we request that you read the instructions below carefully:

If you want to do part or all of the retreat with accommodation, go to the Registration with accommodation tab and read the instructions.

If you want to do the retreat in person without accommodation and/or online, go to the Registration without accommodation tab and read the instructions.

Registration with accommodation is sold out.

Registration on-line is openned. Any questions, please contact [email protected]

Do I need to have any empowerment to participate?

Yes, as of January 9th it is necessary to have Guru Rinpoche's empowerment.


Can anyone participate online?

Yes, as long as you have empowerment of Guru Rinpoche.


Can I stay at the Temple?

Yes, if there are vacancies.


I can't participate every day, can I sign up?

Yes, if you have already attended the retreat before. Those who are doing it for the first time should participate in all the teachings, and those who have not received the empowerment should receive it.


I have dietary restrictions, is it possible to adapt the Temple meals to them?

Odsal Ling Temple offers meat and ovolactovegetarian meals. We cannot guarantee to have the right foods for other restrictions.


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