Sunday at the Temple

ATTENTION: before coming to the Temple, check the program schedule available here on the website and in the messages sent by whatsapp.


Teaching with Lama Tsering - 10:00am (UTC-3)

The open teachings with Lama Tsering on Sundays can be attended in person at the Temple.

For those who cannot be in Lama's presence, there is the option of watching the live broadcast on our YouTube channel - Chagdud Gonpa Odsal Ling.

The last 8 teachings broadcast live are available on our channel.

Check out the schedule here on the page or subscribe to our whatsapp to receive information about this and other Temple activities.

To receive our program on your cell phone, join the whatsapp group by clicking here. Please note: the messages are sent only in Portuguese. If you want to receive information in English, please inform the group administrator.


Concise Red Tara Practice - 8:00am (UTC-3)

Lasting around 40 minutes, the Concise Red Tara practice is done regularly on Sundays, except when there is a scheduled retreat.

The practice is done in Portuguese and the text is available to read during the practice.

To take part in any of the activities, just come to the Temple, there is no need to register.


Watch the teaching and practice online through our YouTube channel by clicking here.

Next teachings

Upcoming teachings with Lama Tsering:

Sunday at 10am (UTC-3)


02, 09, 16, 23

  Please read the information below carefully to participate 


The activities will take place on Sundays, from 8am to 12pm (UTC-3).

8 am | Concise Tara Practice
10 am | Teaching with Lama Tsering

No, the teaching is open to Buddhists and non-Buddhists.

What to bring

Comfortable clothing
Cushion - if you prefer one of your own


- Smoking is not permitted in the indoor or outdoor areas of the Temple

- Do not lie down during the practice and teaching environment

- It is traditional remains standing in the presence of Rinpoches and Lamas until they sit down. Then we do three prostrations, as a sign of respect.

- Do not point your feet at statues, lamas and sacred objects

- Do not step ver sacred texts, objects of practice, or benches

- Do not place texts directly on the floor

- Sacred texts are loaned for use only during meditation practices, and should not be taken home or copied without the temple's permission.

- If you find an object that does not belong to you, please turn it in to one of our on-site volunteers.

Children are welcome and must be in the company of a responsible adult during their entire stay at the Temple.

Eventually, on some Sundays there will be the Ciranda do Darma, an activity aimed at children of all ages, from 10am to 12pm (UTC-3).

Check the schedule on the website to find out when the activity will take place.

What is Sunday at the Temple?

Odsal Ling will welcome visitors to participate in the Temple's Sunday morning program.
- 8 am Concise Tara Practice
- 10 am Teaching with Lama Tsering


Where will the teachings take place?

In the meditation hall.

Do I need to bring anything?

There are cushions and chairs available in the meditation hall, but if you prefer, bring your own cushion.
It is possible to buy water, but we recommend bringing your own bottle.

Can I participate in other activities or visit the Temple?

The Temple will be open for visitation on weekends and national holidays, from 10am to 4pm (UTC-3).

Check the schedule on the website to see what other in-person activities are taking place at the moment.

Will there be meals available?

Yes, we have a food truck offering pizza slices, savoury snacks, sweets, popsicles, soft drinks, juices and coffee.

Will the Mandala store be open?


Will the practice and teaching continue to be broadcast on YouTube?


Is there parking on site?

Yes, parking is free but with limited spaces.

How to get here

Check the various ways of getting to the Temple here.