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On Monday, August 12, we will be celebrating Chagdud Rinpoche's birthday at Odsal Ling.

From 7 pm, the stupa house will be open to those wishing to offer kathag to Rinpoche, and it will also be possible to offer butter lamps in the butter lamp house. The Red Tara tsok will take place in the Temple at 8 pm.

The whole Sangha is invited to take part and rejoice at living during a time when Rinpoche's blessings and aspirations continue to extend to all beings. May this gathering generate immeasurable merit!

If you can't attend, you can still offer butter lamps and tsok online.

Tsok Offering

Tsok is an elaborate ceremony in Tibetan Buddhism that uses foods and beverages of different flavors as a support for meditation. It is an effective practice for confessing faults and breaches of commitments, as well as the creating conditions for the liberation of obstacles.

Some examples of tsok offerings:

  • For the benefit of someone going through difficult times;
  • In memory of loved ones;
  • To confess faults and re-establish your commitment to the Dharma in order to benefit all beings;
  • To remove obstacles and create an auspicious connection with someone or a certain event.

  • Tsog offerings should be sent before 3 pm(UTC-3), the day before the practice.
  • Tsog offerings made after this time will be forwarded to the next tsog.
  • If you send after these times, your offer will be directed to the next tsog.

May all beings benefit!

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Butterlamps offering

By offering a butterlamp, you are making a symbolic offering of wisdom. Just as light dispels darkness, the lamp represents the removal of ignorance so that you and all beings can attain the wisdom of enlightened mind.

Some examples of butterlamp offerings:

  • Illuminating the path of someone going through difficult times;
  • In memory of loved ones who have recently passed away;
  • For the long life of our precious lamas;
  • So that more people can find the Dharma and be freed from suffering;
  • To create positive conditions for the success of your intentions, for the benefit of all beings.

Butter Lamp Price: BRL 2.50 each

Due to a great increase in the price of the raw material (palm kernel oil), we readjusted the offer value of each lamp to R$ 4,25. We expect this condition to be temporary.

  • The butterlamps are lit every day at 6 am (UTC-3).
  • It is not possible to light the butterlamps the same day they are offered.
  • Butterlamps offered by 4 pm (UTC-3) will be lit the following morning. Those offered after this time will be lit the day after that.
  • After 4 pm (UTC-3), requests concerning death or iminent life-threatening risk should be directed to this email: adm@odsalling.org

May all beings benefit!

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19:00 - 22:00
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Odsal Ling
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