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R. dos Agrimensores, 1461

Cotia, São Paulo Brasil
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Visitation may be suspended when there are retreats or more elaborate ceremonies.

Check the schedule on the website before going to the Temple.


  • Visitation is free and open to adults and children.
  • Pets are not allowed.
  • Smoking is not permitted beyond the Temple gates, which includes the parking lot.
  • Free parking, but limited spaces.

We hope everyone benefits from their visit!

Saturdays, Sundays and national holydays

from 10am to 4pm (UTC-3)

  Please read the following information carefully to better enjoy your visit  


Visiting will be possible on Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays, from 10am to 4pm (UTC-3).

On Sundays it is possible to participate in the concise Red Tara practice at 8am, and also the teaching with Lama Tsering at 10am, if this is being held. (UTC-3)

View the schedule here.

  • Odsal Ling receives visitors on Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays, except when there are special retreats or ceremonies.
  • Visiting hours are from 10am to 4pm.
  • Check the schedule on the website before going to the Temple.
  • Visits and parking are free, but there are limited parking spaces.
  • It is not necessary to schedule a visit. Groups with 15 people or more should schedule. Please call 11 4703 4099 to schedule it.

In the meditation hall

  • Remove your shoes and hat before entering
  • Photography, recording, or filming inside the meditation room or during the teachings is not permitted
  • Do not touch objects and musical instruments belonging to practitioners
  • Do not lie down in the practice and teaching environment
  • In the presence of Rinpoches and Lamas, it is traditional to remain standing until they are seated. We then perform three prostrations as a sign of respect.
  • Do not point your feet at statues, lamas, and sacred objects
  • Do not step over sacred texts, practice objects, or benches
  • Do not place the texts directly on the floor
  • The sacred texts are on loan for use only during meditation practices, and should not be taken home or copied without the Temple's authorization.
  • If you find something that does not belong to you, please hand it to one of our volunteers on site.

Children at the Temple

Children are welcome and must be accompanied by a responsible adult for the duration of their stay at the Temple.

On specific Sundays, the Ciranda do Dharma program is held, an activity for children of all ages under the guidance of Lama Norbu.

Check the schedule on our website to find out when the Ciranda do Dharma will be held.


- Smoking is not permitted in the indoor or outdoor areas of the Temple, including the parking lot

- Pets are not allowed, even in the outdoor areas and using leashes. There are small animals on our grounds and this is an important safety measure

- The use of masks indoors is optional. We remind you that wearing a mask helps protect you, others, and our teachers

No meals or snacks are available. We also do not have a picnic area. However, it is possible to buy water at the Mandala store.


Saturday - from 10am to 4pm (UTC-3)

Sunday and national holidays - from 10am to 3h30pm (UTC-3)

Yes, parking is free, but there are limited spaces.

How to get here

Check here the different ways to get to the Temple.



12/08 - 10:00
10/09 - 16:00
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Odsal Ling
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Upcoming Events

Red Tara Drubchöd with 100,000 Tsogs - Planned Schedule

In order to keep the precious lineage that Chagdud Rinpoche left us alive, it is with great joy that we will be performing a Red Tara Drubchöd with 100,000 Tsogs. More details about the event will be released later.

Red Tara Drubchod with 100,000 Tsogs

In order to keep the precious lineage that Chagdud Rinpoche left us alive, it is with great joy that we will be performing a Red Tara Drubchö with 100,000 Tsogs.

Dream Yoga Retreat, with Lama Tsering

"May I recognize all experiences as being as insubstantial as the fabric of the dream during the night, and immediately awaken to perceive the manifestation of pure wisdom in the arising of every phenomenon." (Sadhana of Red Tara)