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Vow of Refuge and Bodhicitta, with Lama Tsering

To start the year with the right motivation, on January 1, 2023, there will be concise Tara practice in Portuguese at 8am and Lama Tsering will grant the Refuge and Bodhicitta vows at 10am. This event can be followed in person or online.

In the vow of Refuge one formally commits to follow the Buddha's teachings, taking refuge in the Three Jewels (the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha). In the Bodhicitta vow, a commitment is made to work for the benefit of all beings and to strive to minimize their suffering.

By making this commitment, the practitioner makes a firm decision to train his or her own mind, avoiding negativity, and striving to practice virtue until all beings attain Enlightenment.

Those who have made such vows before are invited to renew them.


8am | Concise Tara Practice

10am | Vow of Refuge and Bodhichitta

The program can be followed in person or online.

8am | Concise Tara Practice

10am | Vow of Refuge and Bodhichitta

You can participate online or in person by registering in the box below.


The teaching and vow of refuge will be given in English and translated consecutively into Portuguese. There will be simultaneous translation into Spanish and French.


We have limited parking spaces for cars in the Temple. We encourage carpooling among sangha members and alternative ways to get to Gonpa.

Parking reservations will be made at the time of registration and will be given in order of registration. We will send a confirmation email to those who reserve a spot one week prior to the event.

Accommodation and Meals

Due to the Dream Yoga Retreat, Odsal Ling is not offering accomodation and meals.

Accommodation: if you would like to receive directions in the area, please contact [email protected]

Online participation

Registration for online participation is required to receive the link to the broadcast of the Refuge and Bodichitta Vote.

After registering, you will receive until 12/31 the link to the online broadcast. If you do not receive the message, please check your spam folder. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]

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In-person participation

Please confirm your presence for this event by sending an email to [email protected]

If you need a car parking space, when confirming your attendance, please make a reservation request, which will be confirmed in another e-mail.


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